Living with type 1 diabetes can be challenging wherever you live but in some parts of the world the medical supplies to manage type 1 diabetes are entirely unaffordable or even unavailable. In these situations, children don’t get the chance to have the carefree fun that we enjoyed as kids and that’s why we’re challenging you and your friends to #BeAKidForAKid and play, post, pledge.

The ‘Be a Kid for a Kid’ challenge starts on October 10th — join us

Join the Challenge: Play, Post, Pledge

01 | Play

Take a photo or video of yourself acting like a kid. Whatever memory, activity or game brings you back to childhood, we want to see it.

02 | Post

Share the photo on your social media sites. Copy and customize the below text into your post body:

In support of children and youth in less resourced countries who have type 1 diabetes, I was challenged to #BeAKidForAKid. Here’s me [activity], one of my favorite childhood activities. I challenge ____, ___ and _____ to join me and help bring awareness to this wonderful cause, Life for a Child USA.

To learn more or donate visit

03 | Pledge

Continue to spread the word and join forces with Life for a Child USA to help bring life-saving resources to children and youth with type 1 diabetes in less resourced countries. Make a donation today!

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Life for a Child supports recognized childhood and youth diabetes centers in lower-income countries, strengthening the care they provide by providing insulin and other diabetes supplies, technical support, and training.

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